Automatic Number Plate Technology (ANPR)

One Parking Solution knows that the future of management for many car parks is with the latest innovations in technology.

ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) is now commonplace in many larger car parks around the UK, but this technology is becoming more affordable making it a cost-effective solution for smaller car parks. OPS also recognise that not all car parks fit a standard solution. At OPS, we have a range of technologies we can implement to manage even the most unusual car park.

One such solution is our MNPR (manual number plate recognition). While ANPR is great for volume car parks with a standard in/out, many car parks simply aren’t that straightforward. For example, many car parks will have multiple entry/exit points, or indeed, may even be on a private road, unenforceable by standard ANPR.

With MNPR, we use high-quality CCTV systems, coupled with an experienced and licenced CCTV parking enforcement officer, located at our head office remotely monitoring a number of car parks simultaneously. This allows OPS to add a human touch to automated parking enforcement.

image of an anpr camera

Many car parks have clauses in their leases, or provisions required by the landowner such as free parking, timed parking, loading times etc. With MNPR a human is at the end of the camera making the decision that an automatic system cannot. This can reduce the number of tickets issued in error, or where a ticket would not be suitable.

For further information on ANPR/MNPR, please call 0330 043 0240, or click here to send us an email.

Backing up ANPR

While ANPR is a very efficient, car parks still need occasional foot patrol, especially where you have disabled bays and parent and child bays. Other offences can occur, such as marked bays being abused vehicles parking across multiple bays at once. OPS can send random foot patrols around your car park to enforce correct parking.

For further information, please call 0330 043 0240, or click here to send us an email.

pcn on window