Self Ticketing

At One Parking Solution, we recognise some permit based car parks are too small or have very few issues with parking contraventions. That’s where we have the Enforcement Uploader/Self Ticketing solution.

Each resident is given a mobile number where they can text an enforcement issue in their bay. The resident simply sends a text with the details of the offending car and a member of our enforcement staff will visit the car park. Another solution if the resident has internet access and a mobile phone, they can upload photos of the vehicle, together with a brief description. Then a member of our enforcement staff will view the ticket and if appropriate, issue a PCN.

If at any time your car park starts to receive more contraventions, then OPS can immediately deploy random patrols to your car park.

For further information, please call 0330 043 0240, or click here to send us an email.