Are the fees you charge disproportionate to the loss suffered by the landowner?

All of the fees that we charge are in line with the Protection Of Freedoms Act 2012 and the code of conduct set out for all approved operators.

If you are requesting that we send you a breakdown of the profit and losses suffered by the landowner (our client) and the parking operator (us), please note this does not apply to a contractual relationship between ourselves and the drivers. The terms of parking were agreed by the driver when they chose to ignore the parking rules that are displayed on the signs in and around the car park.

They then have contractually agreed to pay a parking Charge Notice and that they accept the liability of payment of that charge, made payable to the parking operator.

The fees we charge contribute to the free of charge services we supply the landowner and as such, the contract is not between the landowner and the driver but between the operator and the driver and/or keeper.