Payment of a parking charge is an admission of liability. Appeals will not be considered after payment has been made

Tickets are not transferable between vehicles, each vehicle must purchase a ticket prior to leaving the car park from a pay and display machine and ensure that it is correctly displayed.

If you transfer or accept a ticket that was purchased by another patron of the car park, you are liable for a charge notice to be affixed to your car or receive one through the post.

The machines do not give change and it is the responsibility of the driver to use, where possible, the correct money.

If you leave the car park prior to purchasing a ticket then you are liable for a parking charge to be affixed to your vehicle or sent through the post.

CCJ – If you have been taken to the county court for failing to pay outstanding charges, and were unsuccessful, you may have been issued with a county court judgement (CCJ). This will stay on your credit rating for a long time and will hinder, or even prevent, you getting any kind of credit. You need to settle this debt with us so we can write to the courts and inform them that the debt has been settled.

In some cases, we will get an order from the High Court to enforce the debt and authorised bailiffs to seize assets, which will be sold to cover the costs of the debt.

Anyone that parks on-site must do so in accordance with the site rules – you are not exempt because you are working on site unless pre-authorised by the control centre, prior to parking.

Disabled badges and also more commonly known as blue badges are only valid on the highways in the correct areas (please refer to the handbook that comes with the blue badge).

If you park with a blue badge on display but not a permit and parking is not pre-authorised by the control centre, then you are liable for a charge notice to be affixed to your vehicle or sent through the post.

The only people who are exempt from the conditions of parking are those who abide by the parking conditions which are listed on the signs in and around the car park. The only other exceptions are fully livered emergency vehicles that are on duty and on-call doctors (fully livered vehicle with a valid doctor’s permit displayed).

Carers permits are not valid on private land and can only be used on the highways, unless pre-authorised by the control centre prior to parking.

We do not accept notes as a form of valid permit, it is not our responsibility to ring the driver and request they move.

The only reason anyone would leave a note is if they’re aware of the car park rules and have read the signs. Our clients give valid permits to those who are authorised to park – parking is conditional and not a right, even if you are visiting or working on site.

If you have received a letter from a debt recovery company and wish to pay the outstanding charges, you will need to contact the debt recovery company direct as this is now out of our hands and the additional charges they have applied are to cover their costs.

Appeals can be lodged online through our website or sent in the post in writing (recorded).

You have 28 days to challenge a ticket and 28 days to challenge a parking charge notice.